February 2013

February 2013
February = 2
2013 = 2 + 1 = 3 + 3 = 33 = 33/6
February 2, 2013 = 2 + 33 = 35/8
February 8/33

When we firstly look at the 8 we see there are two spheres that are connected to form the sign of infinity. This pattern then tells us that everything is interconnected and not separated since there is no separation within the two spheres. The energy of one leads into another.
We can look at these spheres as two monads (1) coming together, yet they are connected one on top of the other. The two monads—represented in a globe or sphere—then become connected once they are joined. Each monad moves one on top of the other to represent heaven and earth or logos with the emotional energy of receptivity. The 8 is then joins to balance the two worlds of material and spiritual.
February, 2013 is a large 8 energy, but the quest and mission of the 8 energy exists within the 33. The 33 is a high master number of rebelling from outdated opinions and dogma. This is also one of accomplishments for the underdog, downtrodden and misfit. Within this group we have animals, elders, children, victims and pariahs. February 8, 2013 uses a guideline within these energies to create balance within these groups. The principle in the high 33 Master Number is to ease the suffering of others within these groups. The 33 also brings in energy of indigenous peoples, aborigines and healing powers that are associated with Christ, St. Francis, Quan Yin and Mother Teresa. They serve merely as prophets. To look at the teachings of Quan Yin would be highly appropriate this month and year.
We must remember that we are in the organic form. No matter how we try to escape this form to live in higher energies within the invisible we are mandated by the material once we enter this planet in the 3rd dimension. No living creation is exempt from this process.
All living creations have evolved together through millions of years on this planet. The human being has been a part of this evolution. We evolve as a group with all other living creations. Consequently we are governed by the processes that exist within the living. We should move with the principles we find in Nature that have existed for millions of years. We cannot separate ourselves from these principles. And these principles govern all of life.
Just for an example some of the principles are; Nature seeks sunlight; Nature loves diversity; Nature loves potential and not potency; Nature moves with change at all time to live in a higher expression; Nature loves individuals, yet creates niches; Nature promotes self-emergence; Nature cooperates and does not conquer, and Nature seeks balance. We too should do the same.
The 8 reminds us of our interconnectedness with all other living creations. We firstly come from spirit, which is breath and we inhabit physical forms that have been renewing, expanding and growing for eons. Our patterns resonate with larger energies around us. For instance 7 is water, 8 is mountains, 5 is the living, 4 is the earth, 9 is fire, 6 is nature, 2 is coupling, 1 is creation and 0 is omnipotent. Our bodies allow these energies to pour through them, yet it is up to us to balance these vibrations. Firstly we do this for self, then for others.
The 8 then interprets that what we learned in the physical we must teach others. We do not exist in our own universe separated from any living creation on this planet. The uppermost sphere of the 8 tells us this just by it connecting with the lower realm of the sphere. Once they join together they create the sign of infinity which is governed by cycles, periodic change and doing what is Right not only for us, but for future probabilities of a culture and society of living forms.
We must remember—through the image of the 8—that we are sentient physical and organic creations that must bring forth the breath of our spirit to help manifest the full positive expression of all life forms. Our humanism must meet with ahimsa. When this does so we become biophilia. Biophilia means we know we have an intricate connection with all life forms on the planet. The 8 helps restore this to our hearts.
Manifest for self, then teach others to manifest. And please remember that only the human spirit creates the miracles and magic within our lives by helping one another and not separating due to individual strife to seek out material rewards.
Let us be there for each other to help ease the suffering of those who cannot do this so quickly for themselves.

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