Two words, “spirituality” and “religion” are concepts that remain alien. In the language of homo- sapiens they are powerful words that have been used to influence and to decimate. These words carry their own energy that has been embedded in our DNA and evolutionary and devolutionary processes. They are words that create pause, cause wonder, bring fear, rely upon dogmatism and seek truth within the invisible. However they are actually relative and exist to give power within the moment of the continuum. Why rely upon frameworks that are constructed in the energy of words? This limits us within the boundlessness of who we actually are.
We must take moments to ponder what has our organic form been manipulated in believing so that we can remain under the control of others. We must dig a bit deeper inside to understand the truth of who we actually are. We must allow our intuitive process to guide us more than the authority figures have done all of our lives, for after all they are merely automatons spitting out the same broken recordings that were forced into their organic form since birth. This is to say that just because we are taught things in our society— from our society— doesn’t mean this is truth. In actuality what has been taught to us damages our own authenticity and can possible create our immortal selves to wander into dimensions we should have evolved from eons ago.
I have spent 40 years trying to understand not only what has been taught to Westerners, but also to try and understand why Westerners are so malleable within their own authenticity. To just allow concepts and theories to be planted in our heads and not question these things is something that is incomprehensible to me. Western culture is based upon old white men and their viewpoints from Protestant Calvinism with the Puritan’s hatred of the human body inter-woven within this. Today, Americans are controlled from this viewpoint and remain lifeless to dangle with the dogmatism and tenets of one race of people on the planet and many many solar systems. This is incomprehensible to me.
I exist in two worlds at the same time, within the same moment.
And I’ll tell you how this happened. But, firstly, I have to say I have never found me to be greater or lesser than another living creation. However, I have had to recognize that my rearing incapacitated me, but spared me from being bamboozled and hoodwinked by powers of people who never took my individual well-being into account. I, as well as all Americans merely become a mark, a product, a consumer and a means to the end of capitalism. And the unregulated capitalism in our country is the bane of our existence. Every creative enterprise that can bring forth wonders of innovations is capitalized upon until the very nectar is squeezed out of it and then other capitalists come forward to market the last drop. Instead of a sharing, there is power in ownership. This is the truth of America; therefore, “spirituality” and “religion” only become marketed terms for the means to an end of capitalists. Consequently since I am a mark as well how can I be greater or lesser than another, for I sit in the same sinking ship?
“Spirituality” and “religion” do not contain bottom line absolute principles we should share; therefore, they subsume as commodities within the whole of capitalism. Capitalism is the foundation of Western Culture. Capitalism is man’s exploitation of man and other living things.
So, how did I come to existing in two worlds?
Let me tell you as gently as I can.
When any living creation is born we are all born within the purity of our own authenticity. This birth should not be defined or questioned or filled with expectations or rule from any other living creation. We come from places that extol each other’s creative existence not mandated by gravity and the dense material world. However, when we come into the density of the 3rd dimension we are immediately swept up in an oppressive wave energy that exists within the group consciousness. We are engulfed by the material and all teachings around us try to fit us—-as a block in a box—to conform to the external of the material world. Our own creative authenticity is oppressed. No longer are we around like- minded creations that extol in one another’s creative mental processes.
For the first eight years of my life I was kept isolated from all other people, including my own siblings. I was locked away in closets, attics and cellars. I was even tied and crammed under the kitchen sink; tied to the leg of a dining room table and kept secretively hidden away from any other person. Eight years I was forced into a reclusion that was incomprehensible to a living creation, especially one that is born in a species that must have interactions with others to grow. I had no such interactions which has debilitated me in this sojourn.
Why did my parents do this? I understand why they did it when I began to speak, but certainly do not understand fully why this was done before I could speak. All I can say is that they were fearful of their own god and quite miserable in their lives. They were miserable because they were two rebellious free spirits who were forced into marriage due to mother getting pregnant in her late thirties. Instantly my parents had to give up their dreams and become something they were not: healthy parents. So, I became the scapegoat, the whipping post and the doormat to their demise. When I could speak I not only questioned their Episcopalian religion—which I perceived as the culprit of evil in our household—- but adamantly spoke against it. I did this because my isolation kept me attached to “Home”—- or in some dimensions this is called “Po” and “Oz.” For me to survive unimaginable abuses—emotionally, sexually and physically—I remained in contact with Home. The veil did not close. And this is all that exists; veils, not heaven, hell or hades. Like walking through a sheer curtain. The veil that should have closed to give me an opportunity to bring forth my authenticity upon a planet and plane did not close behind me. If the veil closed I would have ceased to exist. I would have tumbled down my parent’s Rabbit Hole of intrinsic horror. Consequently, the veil has never closed and what I was taught—for me to survive—came from my Home bound eternal companions. What I was taught in the 3rd dimension from the moment I was born was nothing but violence, hatred, prejudice, disparagement and cruelty. If I were to become these things on the 3rd dimension I would have become a “monster.” However, since I spent all time alone away from the influence of other children, parents, adults, teachers and any other authority figure—besides the Reverend at the Episcopalian church who embraced the Puritanical dogma that all children were “evil”—I remained in the world, but not of the third dimension. My body was here being abused, but my authentic self was continually nurtured through Home. I passed into this world through the human vehicle, but the veils of forgetting did not close behind me.
That’s all that happened.
I was not born with extraordinary gifts or talents no greater or lesser than anyone else. The veils did not close and they did not close because if I lost that connection I would have been lost inside the deprivation of not only my parent’s but a false religion that created rule and power. Consequently, I have never seen me as greater or lesser since I still maintained the connection through the veils to the authentic world(s) where we all have our origins. The only difference is the degree of the dimensions our evolutionary or devolutionary processes take us too. Other than this there is no difference between one living creation and another. The dimensions are not based upon stratification they are merely frequencies that vibrate with our own selves. Therefore, there are not layers of status, caste or class, for dimensions exist in frequency of wave length and one is not greater or lesser than another. They merely are.
I exist within both worlds; the 3rd dimension of heavy materialism and gravity and my authentic Home of origins. Neither one, I feel, falls under a category of “Spirituality” or “Religion.” I believe that spirituality and religion seek to define these dimensions, but define so within the framework that has been already built by other homo sapiens. This is a mistake. We cannot base our lives, within the continuum, upon the viewpoints of other human beings that lived hundreds if not thousands of years ago. We can only examine this to add to our movement today, but not stagnant within the confines of these boxes. Most of these boxes do not open to the origin of our authenticity and certainly do not bolster us in remembering “Home.”
So, yes, I have a difficult time as a Westerner living in America that is a highly capitalistic society. The narcissism is against the very fabric of our authentic being. Exploitation is incomprehensible since it is actually non-existent. There is actually nothing to exploit at Home. Our spiritual teachers and religious leaders try to teach us to bring forward the conditions of “Heaven” which I equate with “Home.” We cannot bring forward capitalism because it does not exist in Home, which is translated into “Heaven.” So why do we do it? Do we do this because we are trained to do it by one race of people trying to rule the earth through a system they call “democracy” which is actually a word to use to justify their exploitation?
Remembering Home is to remember we are nomadic. We are not contained in boxes of houses to become consumers for the remainder of our lives. There are no points of destination for there are no limitations to ground us. We move from experience to experience with whatever photon moves with us at the time. We do not suffer to station ourselves to enrich “accomplishments” and “success” through the material because we are already accomplished and “success” is a mote term.
Remembering Home is to remember that we thrive on creative potential, creative generation and the expression that exists within our creative being. When in a capitalistic society we express that creativity through the material ownership of possessions. We try to own the beautiful, the aesthetic and the harmonizing. Worse, we try to own other living creations like children, animals and mammals. When Home we express from within ourselves the beauty, the aesthetics and the harmony with other beings every moment with move through the splendid realms of authenticity.
Remembering Home is to remember we don’t “kick them to the curb.” We don’t do this because we can’t. We are within each other. To kick someone to the curb would be to kick us to the curb at the same time. Can’t happen. Why are we taught such things? When we move through the fluidity of Home we move with innate philosophy to guide one another. We do not rely upon an infant science that seeks the hubris of one species of people to be dominate others. We come together to philosophize about an occurrence, a situation, an experience and emotion. We do not judge, criticize or eradicate another due to the above. We do not seek to establish through philosophy, but we seek to add our perception, intuition and viewpoints to the whole of the situation because we know it is within the diversity of the input that matters and not the end result. We don’t seek to become more powerful than another by supposing we can guide better than the entity can guide him or herself. We move within groups, teams, inclusion and belonging to aid one another in processes of occurrences, situations, experiences or emotions. We don’t seek to conquer, for we naturally cooperate. So why do we allow ourselves to be wedged into power within the moment that doesn’t really exist? Are we molded by others to have this insecurity throughout our lives?
Remembering Home is to remember there is absolutely no stratification, which is enormous in Western society— and some other societies round the world, but not half as pervasive as it is here in America. The origin of where we come from has no caste, no class, and no status systems, for there is no greater or lesser since everything is within a fluid nomadic movement within the same time continuum. There is no ownership. There are no possessions that cannot be shared or detached from, for the objects are used within the moment and then let go of. Say we need to travel someplace and we envision a car to get us there. Well, we get to where we are going, but who is to say we continuously need the car within our movement. We may walk, fly, paddle a canoe, ride a boat, or image ourselves someplace else. We don’t need to maintain the car as a possession within nomadic movement. So, why do we possess these things and pay extraordinary amounts of money for the status of owning more expensive ones? Isn’t this limiting? There’s other forms of transportation that open other experiences to us.
Remembering Home is to remember there are no prejudices, no criticisms, no judgments, no expectations, no dogmatism, and no one viewpoint that tries to gobble up the minds of others in order to own what they possess. Home is nomadic self-actualizing movement within the moment of Now. There is no instruction of what to do within the moment; however, what is embraced is the ultimate compassion that exists round us and the gentleness of understanding, warmth and acceptance. And this can be considered the “God” that everyone is so adamant about defining. When Home there is no need for definition because it is as it is and it is all sweet and wonderful. We don’t care who has sex with whom, because in our nomadic movement we don’t want to limit ourselves in our own experiences. And we certainly never confront another based on skin color, ethnicity, gender or race. We may decide to travel back into the 3rd dimension in a totally different race and gender than previously experienced. Why then would we complicate the purity of our journey by holding a prejudice that simply does not exist because it is not rational within the compassion of our innate gentleness?
Remembering Home is to remember there is no violence that destroys, eliminates, eradicates, demolishes or even permanently cripples. Within the material violence is accepted as history of mankind, yet, whose account of history are we referring to? Do we continue to believe that mankind’s history has only taken place in the last 8,000 years or do we allow ourselves moments of inner introspection to see that within the 4 billion years this planet has lived that, of course, there were more advanced civilizations progressing on this sphere? Our question would be why would another group of homo sapiens eradicated them or committed genocide? We ask this to seek understanding.
Remembering Home is to remember we are not rude to each other, we do not ignore one another, we do not discount one another, we do not banish one another, we do not make our existence greater or lesser than another and we do not abandon one another or any living creation. Abandonment is enormous in Western culture. Why? This is unnatural to the origins of our authentic selves. Why practice this in the material? And why create this horror upon another being who knows not how to comprehend such a thing because it is non-existent. To abandon another we would have to abandon self for all is a projection one onto another and a mirror reflection of we as an All, as belonging and having inclusion together.
Remembering Home is to remember that the “values” that Western culture submit to and embrace are already included as part of a movement and do not have to be segregated to strife or individual fiefdom. They do not do this because they do not need to be separated from a core of being. “Accomplishments” and “success” do not have to be broadcasted or owned because they are already happening within the moment of movement. A child or hamster born already has accomplishment with evolutionary processes and success is not something that should be measured. The “values” of Western culture seeks to measure and compare, when this doesn’t exist naturally since we are already rewarded unto ourselves with authenticity of creative expression. One cannot be measured against another. The measuring and comparing then leads into competition within stratification which is incumbent upon pressure of the herd, but a natural force that is incomprehensible. We are actually Taoist that don’t seek control and conquering because the very fabric of the higher dimensions—above the 3rd dimension of gravity—seeks expansion within the overall movement. As nomadic photons we move within the moment and don’t seek to establish, but to understand. Therefore, the only science that is comparable with Home would be applied anthropology. Psychology is egotistical and sociology is transient. What has been learned within these sciences one day will change the next depending upon the hubris of individuals. Anthropology seeks to understand and this is bringing forward a movement from Home. Naturally we exist to not only understand, but gently help other living creations understand as well. Since we are all authentic in nature we don’t seek to have ownership in this process.
The above are some examples of Home and we get to go there every night when we allow the organic body and overly stimulated mind rest. In Islam this is called “Temporary death.” In some Native American cultures this is called “Odinnonk,” which is the communication of the soul—or what I call: the authentic self. In Western culture this is called “bizarre” because the might of the ones who wish to rule do not want us to have this recall. We must allow ourselves to remember Home or we will remain lost automatons miserable with self-indulgences and illusionary solutions.
So ?
Does it mean that we are actually living an illusion in the 3rd dimension? Yes and No. As I understand this provcess. We live an illusion if we think we can control, conquer and remain materialistic through ownership, stratification and capitalism. We live an illusion if we do not bring forward our authenticity from Home that we live within when the body and mind rests. Yet, if we groom our interactions with others precisely as we naturally do from the origins of our true natures than we cannot possible live within an illusion, for we are living in real time with authentic energy.
To live under the rule of “spirituality” and “Religion” is living under the dictates of control and takes us away from our true nomadic selves that are to exist within these words but cannot possibly become them since all is within movement of expansion, renewable, growth and transformation. If we release our true selves to maintain philosophical communications that are gentle and instead settle for dogmatism used for control, glory or power we then allow ourselves our own peril. Yet, the peril is not just in this life-time, but within the next dimension we travel within for many eons. Some of them are not so pleasurable!
Suppose we are individuals that exploit others for material possessions then when we release from the 3rd dimension to travel Home, we may not be able to be as nomadic as we were before. We might descend to a dimension that skims the surface of the physical plane giving us the frustration that we can no longer control, have power and possess. This then would be synonymous with Hell. Therefore, we must remember Home and the origins of our authentic selves not only to have gentle interactions with others aiding all living creations to express self within the moment, but also to ensure our own evolutionary nomadic journey that subsumes in the gentle compassion of the omnipotent for many eons to come.
Comes down to choice and this is what spirituality and religion try to teach us, yet we cannot use these words to control, contain, possess or rule over others. We must remain with our gentle philosophical selves who love nomadic movement because we are Never, Ever alone.
As a last comment, within the expressions of spirituality and religion we might want to temporarily rest within our journey to have understanding of what each branch offers. For instance in Shinto we can understand connection to nature and many different spirits of the earth and at the same time be reminded we are born pure and free. In Islam we can devote ourselves to larger principles of a cause and recall our journey Home through sleep. Jain teaches us “Ahimsa” which means never to harm another living creation because all living creations are entitled to their own joy and happiness. With Sikhism we can embrace our interactions with others selflessly and ponder over the words of gurus. In Judaism we know we should live well with loving kindness and have daily worship with our principles. Christianity reminds us we can have destruction of evil intentions while understanding our own nature through a god’s expression; “God” after all being a concept to understand. Hinduism reminds us of the travel of the authentic self not to incur a descent backward within our evolution. And Buddhism gives an acceptance to the psychology of homo sapiens’ suffering. Yet, if we stop our nomadic journey to embrace one expression for many years in the continuum with no other joy to philosophize about another religion or spirituality we have just halted our authentic self from travelling with expansion, growth, renewal and transformation. And we certainly cannot halt in our nomadic authenticity to create violence on another because they too have not halted with us. This concept is extremely selfish and goes against the natural fabric that interconnects us all one to another for all time. Our being nomads, if not attainable in the physical world due to funds, then becomes flexibility, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and use of our imagination within the body to always remain free.
So be it. So be the conditions of the two worlds.
Why give up one to live in another? Balance to harmonize in both appears to be more splendid.

Gnobo “Brice” Calypso
November 17, 2012

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