May/Master Number 55 Challenge and Opportunity as One

May, Month of Master Number 55

The purpose of my writing the book “Interpretation of Patterns through Mystical Numerology” was to impress upon the reader that when we are in the organic human form we are governed by principals of universal design as expressed through nature. We can see the interpretation of these principals through numbers which bring in Sacred Geometrical forms. This gives us order. The order then offers us guidelines in our lives which are mandated by the principals of nature. When the guidelines are followed we vibrate with higher principals in nature and cosmos. This means we shouldn’t push against these magnificent forces. We harmonize through the aesthetics of our own proportions that are interpreted through numbers.
Consequently, the Master Number chapter of the published book is the most important. No other book has offered a detailed explanation of the principals of Master Numbers. My aim is for the reader to find what Master Number—if any—-exists in his/her angstroms and embrace the principal found in the Master Number to live in day-by-day. To live in the principal of the Master Number allows a person to resonate with higher octaves of principals found in nature/cosmos.
May is a Master Number Month of 55.
Master Numbers vibrate at a higher wave length. Due to this a lot of nervous tension is felt almost like a higher voltage of energy. Therefore, with Master Numbers there is a large duality to the positive and negative. Since the wave lengths are much higher, focus to work with this energy is essential; however, most people feel they are wound tightly and rather nervous about things; anxious, restless and have a deep need to be active; charging into life with no direction, mission or goal. If there is no discipline to the principals embraced the Master Number can be used with disastrous results in the physical world. This means the intentions of the individual to manifest can be too negative and create disturbances around them due to the high frequency of the Master Number.
Take for instance the May Master Number of 55. This Master Number is considered Master Intelligence with the principle “As Above, So Below; So Below; As Above.” As a cosmic principal this means that as it is in the cosmos so shall it be on earth. Principals found in the universe must be duplicated on Gaia. Some of universal principals are expansion, renewal and growth. Living creations with high 55 Master Numbers should live within the “As Above, So Below” principal by firstly exhibiting a day-to-day existence of bringing forth the principals of the cosmos to the masses on earth—-expansion, renewal, and growth.
However, if not properly focused the 55 Master Number will be used within the negative. Expansion becomes repression. Renewal becomes stagnation. Growth becomes infertility. Great criminal minds have the Master Number of 55. Yet, great visionaries who wish to help humanity progress have the Master Number of 55 too. This Master Number is found more in the West then the East. The 55 brings in large impatient with others and need to accomplish, irritability with others to move forward and a unfocused mental energy always on the search for new ideas, inventions, discoveries, paradigms and practices. The 55 is highly investigative. Always on the go.
When the Master Number 55 is within the positive it works exceedingly well with the higher functioning consciousness of humankind and all living creations. This means the 55 works to progress humankind to embrace values and respect for all living creations working together through economics and ecology. The 55 Master Number propels people to seek greater expansion, greater renewal, greater growth for the progress of evolution and involution on this planet, such as the cosmos does naturally. This then would be considered the “voice of God” or the “voice of spirit” or—what I call it—the vibrations of the creative force. The Master Number 55—being Master Intelligence—seeks greater education, methods, practices, techniques and sciences that move with benevolence to progress love, life and light.
In the negative the Master Number 55 is turned to satisfy self, to take from humankind and living creations by devaluing and disrespecting the very principals of life that are found in all living organisms. Presently this is what is happening in the West with this high Master Number. Since the 55 is Master Intelligence it connects well into group consciousness and other higher consciousnesses as well. For instance some individual can “tap” into the state of being of the group consciousness which—in the West—has fear. By tapping into the fear of others individuals with the 55 Master Number can exploit, commercialize and capitalize on this fear, which is presently happening.
In the positive an individual can “tap” into a higher consciousness, or truth within other dimensions to bring forth the wisdom and principles found in these higher wave lengths. This individual then brings forth this “tap” or channeling to aid in the progress of humankind to interact with all living creations. In the negative the Master Number 55 can bring devolution. In the positive the 55 brings in progress in involution and evolution. May 2012 would be considered a high testing month for humanity with choice to move forward with this high energy into the positive or use this selfishly in the negative. If used in the negative then this moves away from the principals found in nature/cosmos and the consequences would be ireful since it is working disharmoniously with forces much greater than humankind; pushing against the natural order of the universe.
The 55 Master Number can tap into places that some would call “Ascended Masters,” “Star People,” “gods” or “Kami,” “ancestors,” or “Angel realm.” This is based upon the interpretation of the individual; however, the 55 does tap into higher dimensions with higher wave lengths above the group consciousness within the ether or elemental layers of energy . We must be very careful how this is used this month for our decisions can create havoc in economics and ecology, or move us forward to heal the scars and wounds already created. We only have to listen to the higher communications that are more available to us this month. Great for channeling. Great for seeking higher wisdom. Great for allowing “spirit” or the creative force to flow through us. But we must manifest these energies, not for self, but for the benevolent purpose of progressing all of life on Gaia.
The West must be exceptionally careful this month. Since the 55 becomes a 10 (5+5=10) you can see the challenge of the 10 appear quite strong, but that challenge can be turned into opportunity.

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