Do we dismantle that of which we created? Do we place blame on these non-entities that declare themselves as entities? Do we toss in our sleep restlessly trying to find answers to get out from under the sway of corporations? Do we continue to feel oppressed, inadequate, chained in slavery and allow these non-entities to steal all our hopes and dreams? No. We don’t do any of the above.

We appreciate who we are every moment we are alive. We look at life and our life as sacred. We invite the sacred back into our lives regardless of what human heirarchy is demanding and doing, because—-after all—-this is transient and part of the continuum in individual involution and evolution of all species on Gaia.

We don’t embrace the materialism, for after all it is not about the material objects around us, but our own possession of these things. And this means it doesn’t make a difference if we have a car or not, but it is our making the material possessions the end all within our lives. If we place our possessions above opening our hearts to others and being there for them, well, there’s a problem.

The sacred teachings of warriors, for instance Samurai in Japan, is about bravery of opening heart. The bravest of warriors opened their hearts at all times to help others. In opening our hearts we become the real of who we are, the authentic self, the I am, the true self. Yet, when we do open our hearts we feel the sorrow of the world pour in as well. This is when most people slam shut their hearts because it can be overwhelming. This is why it is brave to keep the heart open at all times, to feel compassion, to allow the tears for life to well in our eyes, to open our sensitivity to others. Then we appreciate the sacred. And living on this planet is about the sacred which gets displaced within the mass marketing and insensitivity of corporations. Corporations exist with rigid pragmatism, objectification and a cold bottom-line. This does not mean we treat ourselves the same.

We must be gentle with ourselves. We must understand ourselves. We must, each and every moment we are alive, love ourselves regardless of who is trying to pound on our door, call us perpetually or send threats through the mail. This is all transient and indifferent, but we don’t have to invite the indifference and apathy into our lives. We must be gentle with ourselves and gentle in our home. Most of all gentle with all living beings we come in contact with.

We begin in our home. We make certain all is in order. And this means we don’t live in the debris of the pragmatism. We remain gentle in our home and open our hearts to ourselves and one another in the home. We do not take the anxiety, frustration, anger, rage, worry, and fear out on the living beings in and around our homes. We do not harm the living in any way. And this includes fauna and flora. We open ourselves in our home to ourselves, to our heart. We invite the sacred in. The sacredness of life, for all of life is sacred. This way we rise above the persistance of corporations that exists to bleed us of our last tokens and dimes. We must rise above the figidty of capitalism.

We cannot allow this to rule us. We cannot pay homage to these false gods. We must uplift ourselves to embrace ourselves, appreciate ourselves and all living beings round us. We cannot give the false gods power, because they are not gods, they are just greedy human beings that are very clever with perception management. And we must be the regulators in our lives. We must realize that nothing is going to protect us except us. Our government is so steeped in these affairs that money always sways them for individual power and political growth. What we the People need is not what is considered. Therefore, we must have self-preservation and self-protection. And we cannot expect anyone to come forward and protect us. We must do this ourselves because we embrace the sacredness of life, the sacredness of who we are and the sacredness of the evolutionary expansive of life not only on Gaia but in the universe as well.

No, we can’t just slip out from under this oppression since the finance service is so interwoven in our culture and this is what it is for now. Yet, we do not have to oppresss ourselves and the living beings around us. This is where the downfall is, for, please keep in mind, cultures don’t fall from without, they fall from within.

Please take time each day to know your place on this earth that you are entitled to as much as any other living thing. But also know that all living creations have the right to their free expression of happiness and joy. Even though we feel trampled upon by wayward politicians and corporations that set themselves up as pantheons of gods, we cannot feel this falsity in our hearts. We must see our part we play with ourselves and the living around us. Do we take out our frustrations on others, especially ones we love including wives, husbands, siblings, parents, pets, wild animals, trees, bushes, flower beds, children and elders? Why would anyone be to blame for our lack of appreciating who we really are? Why would anyone pay the price because we don’t open our hearts to others? And we shouldn’t blame ourselves, but open us to us at all times.

All of life is constantly changing, moving, transforming and renewing. Nothing can ever be set, established or determined. We must realize that within the spirit of vibration everything is moving for greater growth and expansion. One way this happens is allowing our own organic hearts to open like flowers to ourselves and the living around us. Take time to enjoy the sacredness of life, the glimpse of miracles around us at all times and do this for self each and every day. The more you uplift yourself to these higher octaves the greater your own sonata can be heard in the grand symphonies of the universe.


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