Are Corporations the New Gods of Western Humanity?

Before we begin this journey— within my viewpoint— there is not one universal or natural energy that supports or uplifts the rigid pragmatism and exploitive capitalism that exists within corporate power today. This is illusional. Or delusional. The corporate and financial service imbalance that rips apart Western Civilization violates connection with the natural world here on Earth and within the vibrational cosmology that we have all evolved from.

There are no cooperative energies at work for each corporation exists within it’s own Nazi idealogies that are contained with preached exhuberance within their own sphere of existence. Basically each corporation exists within its own creative visualization process that manifests as the center of their own universes. And this is okay for them, yet not okay for us; the consumers who are nothing but marks that become peons to bloat their bank accounts to astronomical proportions. Look at the increase of 34% of CEO’s. And this came after the stimulation packages created outrage in the populace.

Although most corporations try to put on a pretty party face to lure us with their falsities—and this is called “perception management”—beneath the weepy eyes, the green hue and the bolstering of their concern for people, their bottom-line is and always will be mass marketing, globalization and fueling their bottom-line. The exploitation of capitalism has taken new heights as corporations bolster their links to god, their concerns for green, family-orientation and a bright eyed customer service that is actually non-existence, but looks good on a pretty face saying such things. Beneath all of this lies an insatiable monster of greed that has ripped apart not only resources on our planet but 80% of families in America and abroad. The imbalance has toppled all principles, ethics, spiritual devotion, ideals and past shared idealogies. And the corporate beasts tower above us greater than Mayan and Egyptian pyramids and Babylonian zigguarts. Mountains, that were once viewed as a place where the gods lived, have now become minuscule compared to the delight of the masses hurrying to the new Super Center Wal-Mart built at the intersections of their towns.

Are corporations the new gods of Western humanity? Yes. They are. And we have allowed this to happen. For the corporations exist as a product of the people and they are servicing our own demands.

So how are the corporations the new gods of Western humanity? Firstly corporations rule us. They control and rule everything that we do. Each household is irefully affected by the dictates of corporations. And we spend more time gathering offerings for them then we do our own spiritual essence. We constantly forage to bring forth booty for corporations. And if we don’t the corporate gods are cruel for they will not only punish us for our lack of loyalty, but they will prevent us from suriving in our society for many moons to come. Think of it this way. Corporations offer no provisions for human error or human mistakes, when this entire planet is based upon accidents happening and humans have done nothing but create mistakes. Yet, one mistake leads to something that has eventually created a resolve. Corporations are Nazi in their regime and do not allow for any human error, even though they have erred much greater than we ever could.

Let’s look at this more closely. Part of the imbalance, the violence, the anxiety, the stress and the disruptance comes from these corporations that demand specific things at a specific time. And if this is not met then new demands will increase to astronomical proportions. This says that no matter how much we go out into our world to give offerings and booty to these false gods, they are never pleased with this and want more. Look at the service fees we have to contend with. Look at the interest rates that jump over the moon should we not bring forth tidings fast enough. Look at the threats made to us and procedures begun to send single women and their children out in the cold should they not prostrate enough to the corporate gods of greed. We are marks. We are never adequate enough. We are only slaves that must jump under the crackle of their whips.

Most of our energy is spent pleasing these false gods. Americans are so “busy” being creative, working over-time rushing to meet the deadlines, and desperately trying to appease these false gods. We are encased in constant financial woes becomes the service fees keep doubling, insurance rates skyrocket; food, clothing, gas, utilities and bare essentials climb to prices that are incomprehensible. We have to pour back into the world of cut-throat competition to meet these needs just to maintain a roof over our heads or transporation to get us from one place to another. And the laughter of the gods reminds us that if we do not do this they will take away those cars, houses and essentials in a blink of an eye. So we continue to make haste to bring them offerings as their demands escalate out of control. Where are the gods that should regulate these lesser earth-bound demon’s activities?

So when there is a chance to have involution within our true spiritual selves, or authentic selves, we have to compartmentalize this since our “reality” is one of slavery to the false gods. We know within their domaine that if we do not do as they order we will find ourselves alone, abandoned and neglected not only by them but by the masses too for they are merely stampeding to keep themselves “afloat.” How can anyone take a moment to offer another a hand when both their hands are kept busy to forage and gather more tidings and booty for the demon-corporate-gods? And they sit in their Ivory Towers, their immense glass skyscrapers looking down on the masses as if Zues and his pantheon in Mt. Olympus as they recount their jewels and stacks of bills, piles of gold and plates of silver.

We must bring forth our own authentic selves. We must look at our own spiritual involution first. We must bring forth the truth of our own spirit and join this with the herds tampling the earth to meet the needs of sourpuss rule. We cannot compartmentalize our own essence for this is likened to caging a beautiful dragon in a 2×4 room in a corporate hell. We must open ourselves to ourselves. And we must realize we have swapped our true path of living to be numbers in mass production. We only need to ask ourselves this: does any of this see life as sacred? Do we see ourselves as sacred? Do we still see a sacred world? Or do we spend more time rushing in and out of corporations buying their wares and services to relieve us of our anxieties and stress? Have we placed immediate gratifications ahead of our own inner prosperity to soothe us within the moment of being taken for rides on the demonic sleighs of corporate CEO’s. Monsters masquerading as our friends. Ronald Mac Donald creatures that exist within the nothingness of the void.

Are corporations the new gods of Western humanity? Yes. Because we oblidge them more than our spiritual selves. We cater to their demands more than our own happiness. We abide by their rules, dictates and demandes because we fear them. We look to them to guide us. We offer them our sanity and insantiy. We rely upon their direction of us. We allow them to create falsities around us with perception management. We easily give in to them for the sake of—what we think—is our own well-being and welfare. And we spend much of our sacred time and thoughts thinking of ways to appease them, meet their demands and slide safely under the deadlines or else we will be eradicated from the misery of their hellish circles. They then will clamp horried teeth down on us to prevent us from our own entitled joy and happiness not to mention our very survival. The apathy within their guffaws bellows across the mountain tops.

Are corporations the new gods of Western humanity? Yes. And we created them. Just as we created the Abrahamic god. It’s all creative visualization. Yet, who really rules over our perception now? How long do we allow ourselves to be mesmerized in their illusions? Why can’t we stand on our own two feet? And how long can we permit them to keep us subdued by fear? I said in the beginning of this blog that there are not universal or natural energies that support this type of conquering, for nature exists to create balance and transformation. Cooperation, self-organization and emergence to modify to a higher positive octave is how nature moves. Mostly nature and universal energies move with expansion for the promotion of LIFE. And every living creation is sacred and entitled to an expression of joy and happiness. This is not to be usurped by captialism for such a thing, in truth, does not exist. Our perceptions and creative visualization have caused this to exist. And now they do in magnitude taking the place of benevolent gods that watched over us with compassion and guidance. How long do we permit this to go on? And where do we draw that line?

Please give this some thought.


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