NADA BRAHMA
                          “The world is made of music”
     My best wishes to all of you. For your health. For your well-being. For your self-discovery.
     As we go into these familiar times please keep in mind that etched within the collective unconsciousness are mass-thought- energies that have been plunged into the gross material and have become stagnant. This veil creates an anxiousness and discordance; however, does not resonate with the higher octaves of Nature. Only through your ability to rise to a higher thought process can you allow these current energies to merely sweep under you.
     For many businesses the fiscal year is upon them.  This year, which has become challenging for most will create a great pressure for the populace to make up the losses from previous months. Please do not fall into this plunge.
    This year is one of initiative, innovation, implementation, originality, and authenticity. When we hold onto the old ways of doing things within larger energies that seek to give us opportunities of change, growth, transformation and modifying our present circumstances we tend to only move within the current mass-thought-energies that become fixed and immovable. Then we become fixed and immoveable. Innovation of authenticity is call in 2010.
     As we go into the familiar please understand we are moving into a higher feminine energy that does not bolster the image of the obelisk any longer.  This means the higher feminine energies move with great compassion, inclusion, sensitivity, self-preservation, creativity and are assertive in groups, not aggressive by standing as a lone obelisk.
     Therefore, November opens a wonderful month for synergy.  This means letting go of the old and taking that which is positive in our lives and creating new music with this.  November is a time for gathering, networking, public awareness and views to be expressed to better humanity as a whole.
      This 2010 December is a honeycomb month of sharing in groups by bringing in Nature, the Arts and all the beauty that exists on our planet. This is a very natural month.  Consequently when we go into the familiar, it is no longer familiar, but we must go to a higher octave. This holiday season is for inclusion, for sharing, for Nature, for Arts and for benevolence. My suggestion is to forgo the usual chatter and obligatory sense of giving, but join together in groups to create small festivals of giving/sharing.  Come together to create your cards and gifts from the offerings of Nature.  Join one another to create baking days using natural ingredients.  Transform old conflicts by offering group talks of ho’oponopono, which is a chance to give everyone at the table a time to speak.  Then this is a time to forgive and Forget. These are gifts to offer and be a part of this year.
     December 2010 is a month of heart energy pouring out our own authentic creativity with one another.  Time to dip into the creativity of your childhood by bringing out your poety, your story telling, you knack for composition in photography.  Time to bring forth those creative ventures that shined when you were young, adventuresom and your inquisitive nature blossomed as spring flowers in a meadow. This is the time to dance with joy of the spinning dolphins that enter new pods to bring warmth, protection and unity. This is not a time to become over-burdened by the pressure of others.  Smile to self, smile to others and the world with smile with you.
     Use your authenticity to share, to be inclusion and to look at group sharing. No longer are we to be alone with such individual strife that struggle has become larger than just being.
      Enjoy your music of your life, play these notes with another’s sonata and you will float in the music of the heavens.
       Ho o maluhi,

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