Nature Loves Potentiality, not potency.

Many people looking for self-help in areas of finance, mates/romance and success mistakingly fall as prey to the conditioning that to be a success one has to have extraordinary skills of potency.  This is misguiding.  Nature loves potentiality, not potency. One does not have to be a Trump or Pitt to find success or romance.  Since Nature never makes two things identical, just knowing personal identity and living in one’s full potential is enough.

Individuals too will look for compatibility in soul-mates through psychic readings and horoscope; but Nature does not exist within present circumstances, but moves with future probabilities.  This means that who a person is now may not be the same person later. Consequently to look for a mate within the now is not recommended, but to look for a mate that will uplift all future probabilities is better.   Most times people will look towards a mate to enhance specific qualities/attributes he/she is lacking, but—please keep in mind—Nature affords opportunity for all living things to evolve, change and develop.   What should be looked at, when searching for a mate, is not within the pathos of the Now, but future probabilites of going to a higher octave together.  Only then are we more in sync with the movements of Nature.

When we experience depression we experience a pain to open new opportunities to us.  Many individuals with depression will look towards psychics and clairvoyants to unravel hidden truths for them.  To feel depression is to want to rid ourselves of frustrating cirsumstances and rise higher with a level of feeling for others.  The greatest most advanced feeling is sympathy.  This means that with depression we are going inside the pain to have sympathy for our own plights of frustration where we feel powerless to have our feelings understood.  We must understand these things oursleves and go within the vibration of depression to find a degree of its opposite which is joy, for both actually exist within the other.  This is the cylces of our lives.  Work with the cycles and move to a degree within the opposite pole for in Nature the opposites exist in the same energy.  For instance gender:  male/female.  They are not opposites, but attributes that exist in the same oscilating expression. 

Please remember that Nature loves potentiality and not potency and looks towards future probabilities and not within the stagnant or stasis of our lives.   Nature offers us the chance for development, change and evolution if we recognize the cycles we are in and make a conscious choice to move to the opposite pole within the expression.  This way we work with the principles of Nature and not against Nature, which is actually working against ourselves.

As  Mystical Numerologist I can find the truth within your patterns/vibrations and counsel you on the right direction to go.  I will help you move into a higher octave, for this is the main principle found in Nature; to always move upwards towards a higher octave that is found in your poteniality and not within the (Dawrwinism) potency of  your existence. 

We can do this together.


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